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Trump's foreign policy philosophy is simple: 'We're America, Bitch'

Britney Spears may have something to say about this.

Five hundred days into President Trump's administration, his foreign policy philosophy has now, at last, been defined: "We're America, Bitch."

A senior White House official told The Atlantic that the "Trump Doctrine" can be boiled down to those three words. Simple, and yet apparently full of global strategic nuance, the phrase supposedly perfectly reflects the way that Trump represents the U.S. on the world stage.

Another senior official disagreed, arguing that the Trump Doctrine is actually more along the lines of "We're America, Bitches." This high-level discourse sheds light on Trump's apology-free style of governance, says The Atlantic, and demonstrates what American allies can expect from Trump going forward. Even though Trump values loyalty above all within his own administration, officials say he takes a "No Friends, No Enemies" approach when it comes to negotiations with other world leaders — an ethos that was on full display during his rocky weekend at the G7 summit.

"The president believes that we're America, and people can take it or leave it," said the official who coined the phrase to The Atlantic. The magazine characterized the rallying cry as illustrative of the "gangster fronting, the casual misogyny, [and] the insupportable confidence" of the Trump administration.

However chaotic the White House may be, at least Trump can rest assured that his aides will be fantastically helpful when it comes time to brainstorm a replacement for "E Pluribus Unum." Read more at The Atlantic.