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Late Night Tackles Trump and North Korea

Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel remix Trump's bizarre movie trailer for Kim Jong Un. Jordan Klepper loves it.

President Trump "didn't just talk the talk" in Tuesday's summit with Kim Jong Un, "he showed Kim a video that, for some reason, they made look like a movie trailer," Stephen Colbert said on Tuesday's Late Show. "The video shows Kim that peace brings all of the incredible riches stock footage can provide," he added, but it "really could have used an editor, because they repeated themselves a lot," including five sunrises. Still, "I'm worried this video isn't quite enough to convince Kim Jong Un," Colbert said, "so I've had my best editors go through the finest stock footage and huff the best ether available to create an ever more compelling trailer." It takes some odd turns.

"Everything about this summit was weird, but to me I think the weirdest part is that Donald Trump showed Kim a video on his iPad, like your mom does," Jimmy Kimmel said on Kimmel Live. The video "is quite a production," he added. "It looks like a Scientology recruitment video from the '90s." Like Colbert, Kimmel also made some creative edits.

"The fact is, Trump has the unique skills necessary to connect with Kim," Jordan Klepper explained at The Opposition. "The left likes to call him the reality show president. But guess what? Kim Jong Un is a reality show dictator. ... And when a reality show dictator meets with a reality show president, you don't make a peace agreement, you pitch a crossover episode." And "I cannot stress enough how amazing and actually-from-the-White House this video is," he added. "I didn't know Trump University offered a master's in screenwriting."

"The liberals want you to think that Trump is in over his head, but the president is not out of his depth," Klepper said. "He's splashing around in the deep end of the pool with the confidence of a drunk cousin who just yelled, 'F--k it, how hard can swimming be?'" Peter Weber