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Shep Smith Special

Trump slammed NBC and CNN for downplaying his North Korea deal. Fox News' Shep Smith left the deepest cut.

President Trump appears to be upset with the news coverage of his summit with Kim Jong Un, specifically with bêtes noires NBC and CNN for "fighting hard to downplay the deal with North Korea."

Trump, who suddenly uses words like "promulgated," did not mention Fox News in his list, of course, but a few hours after he promulgated that tweet, Fox News anchor Shepard Smith barely broke a sweat downplaying Trump's deal with North Korea. "The joint statement both President Trump and dictator Kim Jong Un signed yesterday fails to lay out how North Korea will give up its nukes or how the U.S. and its allies will check to make sure that North Korea is keeping up its end of the bargain," Smith noted. "The North Koreans haven't admitted what they have, much less when and how they'll supposedly get rid of them. A clear reading of the facts indicates the president made concessions in return for nothing concrete."

Well, Trump will always have Sean Hannity.