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Late Night Tackles Trump versus Comey

Stephen Colbert and Seth Meyers have a few wry observations about the FBI Clinton email probe report

Thursday was President Trump's 72nd birthday, and Stephen Colbert got him a present he probably won't want. "Of course, the gift he wanted was the inspector general's report on the Department of Justice's handling of the Hillary Clinton email probe, which was released this afternoon," Colbert said on Thursday's Late Show. "So it's time for another installment of our long-running segment, 'Hillary Clinton Impeachment Watch.'"

"Trump and his allies were hoping the report would prove that there was an elaborate 'deep state' working against the Trump campaign, and there is proof of a huge conspiracy working to stop Trump from being elected," Colbert said, "a shadowy group known as 'the popular vote.'" The report was very critical of former FBI Director James Comey — as was Colbert — but the "good news," he said, is that "the head of the FBI wasn't corrupt, just super dumb" — not that Republicans are done trying to do "whatever it takes to get Hillary Clinton out of the White House!"

"If it seems to you like the GOP is cultishly loyal to Trump, you're not alone," Seth Meyers said on Late Night. GOP Sen. Bob Corker (Tenn.) thinks so, too. Meyers looked at the continued fallout from Trump's North Korea summit — "Wow, not only did Trump salute a military officer from a brutal dictatorship, but the guy gave Trump a down-low, too-slow," he joked — the new Trump Foundation investigation, and Michael Cohen's troubles before tacking the Clinton report.

"If anything, this report makes clear that Comey helped Trump," Meyers said, but the most "infuriating detail" was about Comey's email use: "That's right, James Comey was using a private email account while he was investigating Hillary Clinton for using a private email account, the issue that the entire election revolved around and one of the biggest reasons Donald Trump was elected president." You can watch him bang his head on his desk below. Peter Weber