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Trump tries to use Mark Sanford's infidelity to make fun of him, fails

President Trump attempted to insult Rep. Mark Sanford (R-S.C.) on Monday, but failed to stick the landing.

Geography got in the way of his barb, delivered during a rally Monday in South Carolina in support of Gov. Henry McMaster (R). Trump has been making snarky comments about Sanford for weeks now, having mocked him earlier this month during a private meeting with House Republicans. During the rally, Trump decided to take a shot at Sanford's 2009 extramarital affair, saying, "The Tallahassee Trail — must be a beautiful place. Unfortunately, he didn't go there."

For those who just said, "Huh?" Trump was referring to the fact that for about a week in June 2009, Sanford, then the governor, was MIA. Later, Sanford admitted he was in Argentina, spending time with a woman he was having an affair with, but his spokesperson tried to offer him cover by saying he was hiking the Appalachian Trail, which, points for creativity. Two weeks ago, Sanford, who has been critical of Trump, lost the GOP primary for his congressional district, so he'll have plenty of time to walk whatever trail he wants.