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you'll remember these eyes forever

That really bad portrait restoration is now available in statue form

bad bad photo

Everyone's favorite painting of Jesus crossed with a Capuchin monkey was so popular, Spain's churches have expanded the exhibit.

This time, restoration has ruined an even older, even bigger, even more artistically significant, and much more three-dimensional piece of art, says The New York Times. Say hello to the 16th-century wooden statue of St. George in Estella, Spain, less than a two-hour drive from its horribly botched cousin.

Let's get a closer look at those dead eyes.

When St. Michael's Church gave a furniture repair company this restoration job without the town's permission, it probably didn't expect the result to be a Michael Cera made of modeling clay. Now, it looks like the statue's rare paint technique and original armor details are ruined, another restorer told the Times.

There's hope for Estella, though, seeing as the other church's Scream in a fur hat brought in thousands of tourists. Perhaps a rosy-cheeked human from Thomas the Tank Engine transformed into the rubberized Stingy from LazyTown is a good attraction for the kids.