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Harris Faulkner shuts down the assumption that she's Fox News' token woman of color

As Fox News' only woman of color with her own daytime show, Harris Faulkner has faced plenty of criticism for how she represents the black community — and so has her network.

But rival networks don't even have a single host who looks like her, Faulkner pointed out on The View on Thursday.

The View co-host Sunny Hostin asked Faulkner about Fox News' lack of diversity when Faulkner appeared on the show Thursday, describing Fox's only black woman hosting a weekday show a "unicorn."

"I know you say the only one on Fox," Faulkner, who hosts Outnumbered Overtime, countered. "But where's MSNBC's? Where's CNN's?"

Faulkner is right. MSNBC doesn't have any daytime shows hosted by a woman of color, and neither does CNN. HLN, CNN's spinoff network, does have a daily show hosted by Michaela Pereira called MichaeLA.

Faulkner said that she realizes being a rarity on Fox and in the broadcast world gives her a unique job, and so she feels "responsibility" to serve everyone. Watch Faulkner discuss the issue on The View below. Kathryn Krawczyk