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Police are preemptively deploying to New York newsrooms in case of additional gun violence

Newsrooms are bracing for potential violence following a shooting in Annapolis, Maryland, that reportedly targeted the Capital Gazette, a local daily newspaper.

Though there's no specific threat of gun violence elsewhere, the New York Police Department increased security measures for New York City newsrooms in response to the Maryland shooting, CBS News reported Thursday.

"The NYPD has deployed counterterrorism teams to media organizations in and around New York City," a statement read. "These deployments are not based on specific threat information, but rather out of an abundance of caution until we learn more about the suspect and motives behind the Maryland shooting."

The police department said "it has become standard practice" to respond this way following shootings or terrorist events, but did not list which media organizations were receiving additional security measures. The Maryland gunman's motive is still unknown, Annapolis officials said, but he has been arrested and is no longer an active threat.