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the kids are alright

Thai soccer team found safe after 10 days trapped in cave

Today's biggest soccer story is coming out of Thailand, not Russia.

The Thai soccer team trapped in a cave 10 days ago has been found alive, the Chiang Rai province governor told CBS News on Monday. The 12 boys and their coach were apparently exploring the cave after practice before a flash flood trapped them on June 23.

When a mother reported her son missing after he didn't come back from practice, detectives found his and the other players' bikes outside the flooded cave. Thailand's Navy SEAL divers were called in two days later, and U.S. and other international rescuers also aided in the search, per CBS. Ongoing rain and mudslides slowed rescue efforts, which originally relied on cave water levels receding naturally, The New York Times reports.

But after blasting away sand and pumping out water, divers found the boys and their coach "with signs of life," per The Guardian. The team and divers are still inside the cave, where they'll be medically treated and fed, the governor told CNN. More water will still have to be pumped out of the cave before divers can get them out.

At least there's some good soccer news today.