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Democrats lead by eye-popping 12 points in battleground districts, new poll finds

Democratic voters are eager to hit the polls, especially in hotly-contested districts.

Democratic candidates lead by 12 percentage points in battleground districts for House elections in the fall, a Washington Post poll found on Friday.

Among registered voters overall, 47 percent said they would prefer to vote for a Democrat over a Republican, with 37 percent saying they'd choose a Republican representative. While many battleground voters said they'd choose a liberal lawmaker in the midterms, they still said they trusted President Trump more than congressional Democrats when it comes to border security, the poll found.

Border security, as well as immigration policy overall, is poised to be a key issue in the upcoming elections, and the poll gathered information on whether voters think the administration is headed in the right direction. While respondents largely said they didn't want candidates to voice too much support for Trump and his policies, a slight majority of battleground voters said that Democrats running for Congress are too critical of the president.

The poll was conducted June 27-July 2, among 1,302 registered voters reached online and by phone.The margin of error is 5 percentage points. See more poll results at The Washington Post.