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GOP didn't want to 'tarnish' NRA by questoning alleged Russian spy, Democratic congressman says

When Mariia Butina was indicted on conspiracy charges Monday, her name wasn't new to the House Intelligence Committee.

In fact, committee Democrats tried to question Butina, but the Republican majority apparently shut it down so she wouldn't "tarnish" the National Rifle Association, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) said Thursday on CNN's New Day.

"We didn't know whether she was an agent of a foreign power, but certainly had deep concerns over her activities," Schiff, the top Democrat on the intelligence committee, said of Butina, who's charged with conspiracy against the U.S. as an unregistered Russian agent. The intelligence committee also suspected Russian agents were funneling money through the NRA, Schiff continued, leading members to suggest questioning Butina.

"But like many other things, when it got too hot, the Republican reaction was 'we don't want to know,'" Schiff said. So Republicans have told and are still telling witnesses "'do not come in'" to intelligence committee hearings and "'don't tell the Democrats anything,'" Schiff alleged. "That's the action of a majority that's burying its head in the sand and acting to protect the president rather than to protect the public interest."

Schiff tweeted a similar accusation after Butina's indictment was unsealed Monday, saying "no wonder GOP members" of the House Intelligence Committee "refused our request to bring her and others in." The "others" likely refers to Paul Erickson, a conservative political operative with alleged ties to Butina. Intelligence committee Democrats similarly tried to bring Erickson in for questioning, Schiff said on New Day, but Republicans refused.