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Trump celebrates his trade war: 'Tariffs are the greatest!'

President Trump on Tuesday patted himself on the back for imposing tariffs on other nations that have "treated the United States unfairly on trade," saying on Twitter that they should have been put in place many years ago.

"Tariffs are the greatest!" he wrote in a tweet. "Remember, we are the 'piggy bank' that's being robbed. All will be great!" Despite criticism from GOP lawmakers, Trump has threatened China with hundreds of billions of dollars in tariffs, and has also added some European imports to the list.

He is also threatening this week to impose tariffs on cars imported from the European Union, but those within his administration are reportedly against the move. Additionally, some critics have pointed out that some of the tariffs have hurt American farmers, whose profits have been slashed by retaliatory tariffs on soybeans and pork. "There is not a lot of support for the auto tariffs internally," one senior official told Politico. "There are many people who don't want to see it go through."