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Trump insists Michael Cohen's crimes are not really crimes

President Trump's longtime personal attorney pleaded guilty to an assortment of crimes Tuesday, but some of them were apparently only crimes of the "fake news" variety.

Trump on Wednesday insisted that Michael Cohen's guilty plea regarding campaign finance violations is unfair, because those actions are "not a crime." Ignoring the fact that breaking campaign finance laws is indeed a crime, Trump also breezed past Cohen's other counts of tax evasion.

The tweet was Trump's first substantial comment on his former fixer's legal peril; he remained silent on the issue in the hours after the news, and has mainly focused on the "witch hunt" facing his former campaign chairman, Paul Manafort. Trump pointed to former President Barack Obama, whose campaign was fined $375,000 back in 2008 for failing to report all donors. Trump complained that Obama's case was "easily settled," while Cohen faces possible jail time. Trump dispensed his legal advice for both Cohen and Manafort on Twitter, perhaps because Trump thinks Cohen is a terrible lawyer who can't figure it out for himself.