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New York Times details Rep. Keith Ellison's 'rocky' relationship with ex who alleged abuse

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.) and ex-girlfriend Karen Monahan had a "rocky" relationship before Monahan accused him of emotionally abusing her, sources told The New York Times.

Ellison won the Democratic primary for Minnesota attorney general just days after Monahan said he verbally berated her and once tried to drag her off a bed; Ellison categorically denied the claim. Monahan said that she survived the congressman's "narcissist abuse," saying, "It's the gaslighting, it's the habitual lying ... It was crazy-making."

Monahan reportedly accused Ellison's current girlfriend of stealing him away, and a friend said Monahan frequently accused him of cheating during their relationship. While Ellison's other former partners say they've never witnessed him treat women badly, Monahan's son said he found a video of the alleged bed altercation.

One Ellison friend told the Times that Monahan and Ellison "didn't bring out the best in each other," especially when they continued to live together after ending their relationship. Ellison's supporters say Monahan's allegations are politically motivated, while Monahan's say her account should be believed. Read more at The New York Times.