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Ikea is using 3-D printing to make your butt more comfortable

In the immortal words of Sir Mix-a-Lot: "Baby got back." And Ikea wants to use that back to make big bucks.

The Swedish furniture chain recently announced that it is partnering with e-sports group Area Academy and 3-D printing company Unyq to bring customizable chairs to gamers, reports Fast Company. Getting your butt scanned for a chair may sound funny, but sitting comfortably is no joke — especially when the average gamer is glued to a chair for at least six hours a week. That's why the three companies are joining forces "to develop ergonomic equipment for a better gaming experience."

Although it's unknown how the process of 3-D scanning and printing a customer's backside will play out in stores, the chairs are expected to be available by 2020. They'll resemble the average stool, but set themselves apart with "a two-panel mesh platform" that has been specially 3-D printed for the customer's derrière.

Seems like Ikea has found a way to back into the $137 billion video game industry. Read more at Fast Company.