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2018 Emmy Awards

John Oliver has an update on Russell Crowe's jockstrap and the Blockbuster video it didn't save

After John Oliver's Last Week Tonight won its third consecutive Emmy for best variety talk series on Monday night, Oliver fielded a few questions from the press. The first question, from an Australian reporter, was about Russell Crowe's Cinderella Man jockstrap, which Oliver paid $7,000 for in a bid to keep a Blockbuster video store in Alaska from going under. "I had a close, personal experience with Russell Crowe's jockstrap, the kind of experience that you don't go into life desiring and you end life regretting," he joked.

The jockstrap and other Crowe memorabilia did not save the Anchorage Blockbuster, Oliver said, and after the store closed, the jockstrap went missing. "The current location of that jockstrap is not clear. I know they sent the rest of that stuff to the Blockbuster in Oregon, but no one knows where the jockstrap is."

One journalist asked Oliver if he was surprised nobody mentioned President Trump during the Emmys. He called it a public service, pointing to "the drinking game" and explaining, "I think we're just trying to keep America sober. Everyone needs their wits about them right now. You can't drink the pain away." When the journalist asked Oliver if he thinks the lack of Trump jokes meant that "we're moving on," Oliver has an animated, NSFW response, and if that doesn't bother you, watch below. Peter Weber