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Mean Tweets

Gwen Stefani, Imagine Dragons, Pink, even Nickelback read mean tweets about themselves for Jimmy Kimmel

Many of the insults in Jimmy Kimmel's fifth batch of musicians reading mean tweets about themselves are more vulgar (though safe for work, thanks to ABC's censors) than mean. But there are some pretty creative ones, too, on Tuesday's Kimmel Live — watch G-Eazy and the Chainsmokers read their assigned tweets — and some deep cuts. Imagine Dragons laughed off being compared to Hitler and Maroon 5, Pink played along, Elvis Costello had no visible reaction, and Miley Cyrus flipped her tweeter the bird. The coup de grâce, though, was Korn grimacing at being compared to Nickelback, followed by Nickelback reading their own mean tweet. Watch below. Peter Weber