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Trevor Noah thinks Taylor Swift's politics trump Kanye West's MAGAism, rains on Trump's Kavanaugh victory parade

"These days, a celebrity voicing their political opinion is like climate change," Trevor Noah said on Tuesday's Daily Show: "It's happening every day, and most people ignore it. But there are still some celebrities who simply cannot be ignored." That category includes MAGA fanboy Kanye West, of course. "Yes, the right has a new favorite rapper, so step aside ... nobody," Noah joked. "Republicans have been celebrating the second coming of Yeezus as one of their own, but yesterday Democrats said 'Uh hey, Republicans, Imma let you finish but we just got one of the best endorsements of all time.'"

Taylor Swift essentially endorsing two Tennessee Democrats "is a really big deal, because you realize until now, Taylor Swift has stayed as far away from politics as she does from rhythm," Noah joked. "If anyone can get young people to vote, it's the woman who somehow got young people to buy physical CDs because she wasn't on Spotify." He highlighted President Trump's hilariously "weird" response to Swift's political coming-out and had some pithy advice for pro-Swift Republicans.

When Noah's audience had a negative reaction to Justice Brett Kavanaugh's name, he offered a spot-on Barack Obama imitation: "Uh, don't boo, vote." He played a bit of Trump's unusual prime-time ceremonial swearing-in ceremony, where Trump apologized to Kavanaugh on behalf of America and told some whoppers about the resolution of Kavanaugh's sexual assault allegations. "Proven innocent?" Noah said. "Okay, that's obviously not what happened. You can't just replace what actually happened with what you wished happened." He suggested a twist on the mistaken-identity theory.

Kavanaugh pledged to let bygones be bygones but Noah wasn't convinced: "I mean, he's saying nice things, but in the same way that a waiter is 'nice' to picky customers." He ended by noting how the Kavanaugh imbroglio has apparently juiced Republican voters and offering a bleak bit of "good" news to disappointed Democrats. Watch below. Peter Weber