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Fox & Friends hosts apologize for having nothing to say on their Fox Nation show

Fox News launched its subscriber-only streaming service, Fox Nation, on Tuesday, and there is already not-to-be-missed content ... like the Fox & Friends hosts spending nearly six minutes trying to cure meteorologist Janice Dean's neck ache.

The "After the Show Show," Fox & Friend's post-show commentary, has always been a bit, well, confused. "We don't know what it is either," Pete Hegseth admitted to Jedediah Bila in an earlier episode, before the program became a Fox Nation exclusive. But no one seemed much clearer on its purpose on Tuesday, when Steve Doocy called for a doctor to help Dean with her sore neck. "Did you sleep funny, maybe?" Jillian Mele offered while Doocy proposed "Advil and/or Vodka."

Dean ran through other ideas like "stretches" and "yoga," which she said were suggested to her by the cameraman, Ed. Doocy began to tell the audience that Ed is "one of the steadicam guys," but his co-hosts corrected him: that's "Ted."

As the conversation made its way to the topic of pineapple-infused vodka, as was only fitting, an embarrassed-looking Mele said: "Fox Nation, I swear we're better than this."

Fox Nation is available for $5.99 per month, although you can watch all six minutes of neck discourse here with a free trial.