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2019 Golden Globes

Regina King pledges to make all of her future producing projects 50 percent women

Regina King made a huge promise on Sunday night while accepting her Golden Globe award.

The If Beale Street Could Talk star received the statue for best supporting actress in a motion picture, and after thanking her family and friends, she shared that celebrities are fully aware that "our microphones are big and we are speaking for everyone. And I just want to say that I'm going to use my platform right now to say in the next two years, everything that I produce, I'm making a vow — it's going to be tough — to make sure that everything I produce is 50 percent women."

She didn't stop there, urging others to join her. "I just challenge anyone out there — anyone out there who is in a position of power, not just in our industry, in all industries — I challenge you to challenge yourselves and stand with us in solidarity and do the same," King said. The wind-up-your-speech music started to play while King was making her plea, but the wise conductor stopped and she was able to finish speaking without being drowned out. Catherine Garcia