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The cost of your Netflix subscription is about to go up

Regardless of which Netflix plan you subscribe to, you're about to start paying more.

Netflix will increase the price of all three of its subscription plans, Variety reports, affecting new subscribers "immediately" and existing subscribers "over the next few months." The cheapest plan, which is currently $7.99, will go up to $8.99. The most popular plan, which is currently $10.99, will go up to $12.99. Finally, the most expensive plan, which is currently $13.99, will go up to $15.99.

Subscription fees have been raised by Netflix several times before, but The Associated Press notes this is the company's biggest increase ever, and the first that will affect every single American subscriber. The last time Netflix altered its pricing model in 2017, the cheapest plan remained unaffected, and the most popular plan only went up $0.99, The Verge reported at the time.

Netflix has continued to raise fees as it invests more and more in expensive programming, getting ready to compete with a whole series of new streaming services coming soon from companies including Disney, Apple, and NBCUniversal. According to The Hollywood Reporter, in fact, Netflix plans to more than double its number of originals.