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Trump says the Justice Department will decide how to handle Mueller's report

President Trump said Wednesday that he has not spoken with Acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker about Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

During a Monday press conference, Whitaker said he has been "fully briefed" on the investigation, and he thinks it's "close to being completed." While being interviewed by the conservative news outlet The Daily Caller on Wednesday, Trump said that "after almost two years, it certainly should be" nearing its conclusion.

The Daily Caller also asked Trump about signing off on the report Mueller will ultimately send to the attorney general. "They'll have to make their decision within the Justice Department," he said. "They will make the decision as to what they do." Trump added that he could have "taken a much a different stance, I could have gotten involved in this ... I could have terminated everything, I could have ended everything. I've chosen to stay out of it ... but I had the right to ... I had the right to end everything. ... Many people thought that's what I should do."