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Chris Christie says Cory Booker has a 'legitimate chance' to beat Trump

Chris Christie's friendships truly bridge the political spectrum.

In a Friday interview with The Washington Post, the Republican and former New Jersey governor heaped praise on Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.), who just became the latest addition to 2020's presidential candidate swarm. Christie said he and Booker have been "friends for 15 years," and from his experience, the fellow New Jerseyite has "a legitimate chance to be a serious potential problem for the president."

When asked to describe Booker, Christie quickly listed the senator as "talented, smart, articulate." He touted Booker's more conservative viewpoints on school vouchers and how the former Newark mayor was "tough on crime," but cautioned that Booker would could only succeed if he didn't "go way wacky left."

Christie's comments come just days after saying he and President Trump "were friends for 17 years." But that use of the past tense hints that maybe, just maybe, he's taken his relationships a step to the left.