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Please, Tom Brady insists, call him 'trash'

Anyone who isn't a Patriots fan would like you to stop calling Tom Brady the G.O.A.T. Brady would like that too.

In a Tuesday appearance on Good Morning America, Michael Strahan mentioned how "a lot of people call" Brady "the G.O.A.T.," also known as "the greatest of all time." But before he could even ask how that makes Brady feel, the quarterback said "I don't like that, that makes me cringe." Brady would rather you say "you're trash, you're too old, you're too slow, you can't get it done no more," adding that "I would say 'Thank you very much, I'm gonna go prove you wrong.'"

Brady led the New England Patriots to victory over the Los Angeles Rams on Sunday in the best/worst Super Bowl in years. That was his and the Patriots' sixth Super Bowl win, but even in the face of parade after parade, Brady obviously keeps it humble.