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2019 Oscars

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse becomes the first non-Disney film to win the animation Oscar in 7 years

Sony's Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse just won the Oscar for Best Animated Feature and became the first film made by a studio other than Disney to win in seven years.

Disney has mostly had the animation Oscar category locked up at recent Academy Awards ceremonies, with the last few winners being Coco, Zootopia, Inside Out, Big Hero 6, and Frozen. The last non-Disney film to win was Rango in 2012.

Spider-Man's win was particularly impressive since Sony this year had to compete against not one but two well-reviewed Disney films: Ralph Breaks the Internet and Incredibles 2. It beat both, not entirely surprising considering it's one of the most critically beloved films of the year, but still a notable feat given Disney's advantage in the category.

Into the Spider-Verse is now only the fifth non-Disney film to ever win the animation Oscar after Shrek, Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit, Happy Feet, and Rango (or sixth if you don't count Spirited Away as a Disney film since it was produced by Studio Ghibli).