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Late Night Tackles Michael Cohen

Seth Meyers, Trevor Noah, and Conan O'Brien pick their favorite moments of Michael Cohen's testimony

"Today was truly one of the most eventful days of the Trump presidency," Seth Meyers said on Wednesday's Late Night. President Trump's former lawyer and fixer, Michael Cohen, testified before the House Oversight Committee, and in a damning opening statement he "listed off a bunch of alleged crimes committed by the president, on national TV," he said. "It's so ironic — Trump finally went to Vietnam and he's getting killed back home."

Cohen explained that Trump called his for-profit campaign "the greatest infomercial in political history," and that's true, Meyers said. "And like any product you buy from an infomercial, it turned out to be much crappier than it looked on TV." He laughed at Trump's reported behind-the-back insults of Don Jr. — "Man, you know it's bad when you get dissed for being dumb by the guy who threatened his college not to release his SAT scores" — and shared some thoughts on the level of preparedness and professionalism of the Republican members of the committee.

Conan O'Brien had mixed feelings about the little fact boxes NBC News put up whenever a member of Congress was speaking, though Conan fabricated some of them for elucidation and comedic effect.

"It was interesting to hear Cohen give examples of Trump's racism in private settings," Trevor Noah said on The Daily Show, though he disagreed with Trump's apparent assessment of why black people don't support him. "Actually, the reason black people wouldn't vote for you is because of your trash-ass weave," He said. "Also, the 50 years of well-documented racism, but mostly the weave." Noah was hilariously underwhelmed by the GOP's "black friend defense" for Trump, noting that "whenever the Trumps are accused of racism, they always the same woman."

And the grade-suppression "part is just hilarious — how bad were Trump's grades that he threatened to sue his school if they release them?" Noah asked, adding: "Maybe it's something else — maybe Trump doesn't want anyone finding out he got an A in Spanish." Watch below. Peter Weber