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she's (thinking about) running

Stacey Abrams reminds voters she could be president, not just VP

Amid rumors that Stacey Abrams could become the next vice president, the Georgia Democrat continues to eye the top of the ticket.

Abrams, who lost a close race for Georgia's governorship last year, spoke with CBS This Morning on Wednesday and said she's continuing to mull a 2020 presidential bid. Abrams argued she is "just as capable of becoming the president of the United States as anyone running."

This comes not long after a report that former Vice President Joe Biden was considering announcing Abrams as his running mate upon launching his presidential campaign. Biden and Abrams met for lunch recently, but Abrams has said they did not discuss the possibility of her serving as his vice president. Now, Abrams seems to be implying she could easily run against him and not with him — unless she doesn't count Biden as being "anyone running" since he hasn't launched his campaign yet.

Abrams explained that although the presidency "wasn't top of mind" when she began thinking about her next steps, "the success I had in our election," as well as "the work I've done as a business leader, as a civic leader, as a political leader," positions her for a 2020 bid.

Still, don't necessarily put money on an Abrams 2020 presidential run just yet. After telling Rolling Stone this week that she doesn't know "whether this is the moment for me," Abrams told CBS she still has to make sure she'd be "running for the right reasons and at the right time." Brendan Morrow