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Joe Biden says he wants to 'make America moral again'

Days after jumping into the 2020 race, former Vice President Joe Biden is giving his own MAGA slogan a spin.

Biden was asked what his version of President Trump's "make America great again" slogan would be in a Good Morning America interview that aired Tuesday. "Make America moral again," Biden told Robin Roberts. He continued, "Make America return to the essence of who we are, the dignity of the country, the dignity of the people, treating our people with dignity."

Biden sat down with Good Morning America shortly before his first campaign rally on Monday. He said he's running for president to restore the "soul" and "backbone" of America and to unite the country.

He also addressed two controversies looming over his campaign, telling ABC News he takes responsibility and apologizes for how Anita Hill was treated during the 1991 confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. Additionally, he again promised he'll be "more sensitive" in light of the inappropriate touching allegations against him. When Roberts asked if he really gets it when he joked about the allegations in a speech, Biden said, "I really do." Brendan Morrow