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The live-action Sonic is being redesigned because everyone hated it so much

The team behind the live-action Sonic the Hedgehog is headed back to the drawing board after being ruthlessly dragged on Twitter for days on end.

The trailer for the video game adaptation was released on Tuesday, and few were happy with the character's design, to say the least, with his disturbingly human teeth being just one of many concerns. Fans had previously expressed their displeasure after Sonic was teased on official posters, with one showing him with weirdly muscular legs as the directors promised a realistic approach that baffled fans.

Days after the trailer dropped, director Jeff Fowler on Thursday revealed that with just six months left to go until the film's November release, changes will be made to the character's design as a direct result of this online criticism. "The message is loud and clear," he wrote. "You aren't happy with the design and you want changes. It's going to happen."

Fowler did not go into detail about how significant these changes will be, but it's fairly unprecedented for a studio to so swiftly alter a major aspect of its film because fans demanded it. One would assume it won't be a top-to-bottom redesign, considering there's only a half a year left to go until the movie's release date. Regardless, it looks like the film's original trailer will soon become a strange relic of film history.