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Late Night Tackles Trump versus Democrats

Jimmy Kimmel and Trevor Noah have some fun with Trump's staged display of 'calm' and 'stable genius'

"Yesterday, President Trump had a meeting with Democratic leaders Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi," Trevor Noah said on Thursday's Daily Show. It was supposed to be about infrastructure, "but instead of building bridges in this meeting, Trump decided to burn them down."

What really happened? "According to Chuck and Nancy, Trump came into that meeting, completely acted the fool," Noah said. "But according to Trump's very calm Twitter rant this morning, he was very chilled for the whole three minutes, and then when he stormed out, it was in a relaxed and graceful fashion. Now obviously, most people didn't believe Trump, so today he interrupted a press conference with farmers to basically ask his very objective employees to tell us all how Zen he is." He showed that spectacle.

"Say what you want about Trump, but he is truly the king of political theater," Noah said, laughing. This was so obviously planned, like "you'll see in Africa all the time. Like, some dictator will be accused of war crimes, and then he'll bring his own soldiers out as his defense." He acted that out.

So Trump "denies having a temper tantrum by having a temper tantrum," Jimmy Kimmel recapped, playing more of Trump's performance. "He's an 'extremely stable genius' — why can't people understand that? He's not a maniac. Ask his 10 terrified underlings! ... This is exactly what would have happened if we had a President Charlie Sheen."

Donald Trump Jr. is writing a book, Kimmel noted, and he had some ideas for a title: "For instance, Are You There Dad? It's Me, the Dumb One."

At The Late Show, Stephen Colbert suggested "The Art of the Douche" as the "working title" for Don Jr.'s book. He also noted that Trump is officially launching his re-election campaign on June 16, Fathers Day: "Evidently, he thinks he's America's father, which explains why he only loves a third of us." Watch below. Peter Weber