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Education, recreation, legal aid for unaccompanied minors part of budget cuts amid increased immigration

The increase in immigration at the southern border has prompted the Trump administration to make budget cuts — and the White House is opting to slash English classes, recreational programs, and legal aid for unaccompanied minors staying federal shelters across the country to avoid running out of money by the end of June, The Washington Post reports.

Although education and recreation for minors in custody are mandated by a federal court settlement and state licensing requirements, the Office of Refugee Resettlement has begun to discontinue funding for services that are "not directly necessary for the protection of life and safety." Carlos Holguin, a lawyer representing minors, said he is prepared to battle the government in the court room to prevent the cuts from going through.

"What's next?," he asked. "Drinking water? Food?"

A shelter employee speaking on condition of anonymity told the Post that the cuts have alarmed workers, who fear the care for the children will suffer. The employee pondered over what the minors will do without those services.

Federal officials have asked Congress for $2.9 billion in emergency funding to expand shelters and care. Read more at The Washington Post.