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Nancy Pelosi reportedly hasn't returned a call from Mark Zuckerberg after Facebook's fake video controversy

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), it seems, has little interest in speaking with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

Amid criticism of Facebook's decision to leave up a manipulated video of a Pelosi speech that was slowed down to make her appear drunk, Zuckerberg reached out to the top Democrat to discuss the company's handling of misinformation, The Washington Post reports. But Pelosi has not returned his call or replied personally at all.

Some members of Pelosi's staff have been in touch, the Post goes on to report, but Pelosi herself evidently "has not been eager to hear Zuckerberg's explanation for the company's actions."

Facebook has defended its decision to leave the Pelosi video up even as YouTube chose to remove it, saying that content doesn't have to be accurate to remain on the platform. The video, however, has been flagged with a fact-check box, and Facebook has also said it has "dramatically reduced" its distribution.

Pelosi has been quite critical of Facebook for not removing the video, saying that the company is "lying to the public" and that its recent actions prove that it is enabling "Russian interference in our election."