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Late Night Tackles President Trump

Jimmy Kimmel pivots from Hope Hicks' silent treatment to words the House GOP doesn't want used for Trump

Many people said the atmosphere at President Trump's Tuesday night re-election kickoff rally in Orlando "was like a music festival, and it was like a musical festival, specifically the Fyre Festival," Jimmy Kimmel said on Wednesday's Kimmel Live. "Trump was on fire — or at least his pants were. He jumped around from lie to lie, from hot topic to hot topic, like Joy Behar on Adderall." Kimmel quickly ran through some of Trump's bigger "whoppers" and laughed at Trump's big plans. "This would be a lot of scientific progress from a guy who stared directly into a solar eclipse," he said. "Why even bother curing cancer? Why not just deny that cancer exists, like you do everything else?"

Kimmel showed the empty, trash-strewn field where Trump's fans were supposed to have been watching his rally on a big screen. "That was the prefect visual metaphor for the Trump presidency," he said. "All that was missing is Ted Nugent shooting beer koozies with a crossbow." Kimmel threw in a new fake hair product line to highlight all the information former Trump aide Hope Hicks didn't tell a House panel on Wednesday,

"As the hearings related to the Russia investigation and obstruction ramp up, Republicans in the House have come up with a list of words they don't want Democrats to use when describing the president — for real," Kimmel said, showing the list of "no-no words." House Republicans say the words "violate longstanding congressional rules, words like 'crook,' 'con man,' 'corruption,' demagogue,' 'draft dodger,' 'misogynist,' 'racists,' 'sexual...' — basically, they don't want them to call him anything he is," Kimmel said, and to understand why, he spoke with a fictional Republican congressman, played by Fred Willard, who had some real information and a lot of no-no words. Watch below. Peter Weber