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2020 Democratic debates

Bernie Sanders' plan for beating Trump? 'We expose him for the fraud that he is'

Over the two hours of the first Democratic debate on Wednesday night, President Trump was brought up a grand total of 35 times. Thursday night's debate, on the other hand, seemed on track to have Trump come up 35 times in 20 minutes. Perhaps no one landed a sharper blow in the early moments of the debate than Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who was asked for his response to critics who might claim that nominating a democratic-socialist would result in re-electing Trump.

"The American people understand that Trump is a phony, that Trump is a pathological liar and a racist, and that he lied to the American people during his campaign," Sanders said. "He said he was going to stand up for working families. Well, President Trump, you're not standing up for working families when you try to throw 32 million people off the healthcare that they have and that 83 percent of your tax benefits go to the top 1 percent."

To roaring applause, Sanders concluded: "That's how we beat Trump. We expose him for the fraud that he is." Watch the moment below. Jeva Lange