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Late Night Tackles Trump Tweets

Jimmy Kimmel has some questions, jokes about Trump's odd Twitter-bashing 'social media summit'

President Trump "rolled out the orange carpet for a hangout with all his favorite wingnuts" on Thursday, Jimmy Kimmel said on Kimmel Live, describing the president's "social media summit" as a gathering of "conspiracy theorists, internet trolls, QAnon followers, people who 'like' their own posts — all the worst people on the internet. There haven't been this many trolls in one room since the table read for Lord of the Rings."

"Trump notably did not invite Facebook or Twitter to the summit, because he claims they're biased against him — even though they're a big reason why he got elected," Kimmel said. "Without Twitter, Trump would be a crazy old man yelling at busboys at Mar-a-Lago right now. But he doesn't trust them because with all that's going on in the world, what the president seems most concerned about is how many 'likes' he gets on Twitter." He showed part of Trump's bizarre speech. Trump "claims Twitter's got this conspiracy against him, so what does he do?" Kimmel asked. "Today he tweets more than 20 times." He read a few of them and laughed: "Sounds like somebody's working on his Tinder profile to me."

Meanwhile, "Republicans in Congress met with administration officials and they now say they're confident that the election in 2020 will be safe and secure from foreign interference," Kimmel said. "And you know what? If the people with the most to gain from election tampering say it's not a concern, well, that's good enough for me." Russia is clearly going to try to interfere in 2020, "Republicans in Congress know that we need legislation to protect against that, but they can't say it because Daddy Donald takes it as an insult," he said. "So what they're doing is .... nothing. They will do nothing." He ended with some advice for Mississippi GOP gubernatorial candidate Robert Foster, who refuses to be alone with women. Watch below. Peter Weber