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Trump just joked about being president for life — for the 6th time

President Trump apparently likes to toy with the Constitution.

In a tweetstorm on Thursday, Trump spun from touting that day's White House social media summit to providing some nicknames for 2020 Democrats. But in between, he made at least his sixth joke about staying in office for a few extra years.

Trump started by saying that he'll "ultimately leave office in six years," which has a good chance of coming true, but added that it could be "10 or 14." Trump did add "just kidding" after this obviously unconstitutional idea, but it's far from the first time he's made it.

In March of last year, Trump tossed around the idea of being "president for life" after praising China's President Xi Jinping for granting that same term extension to himself. He brought up the subject again this April at a White House event, specifically using the same "10 or 14 years" to describe his potential time left in office.

In May, Trump retweeted Evangelical leader Jerry Falwell Jr.'s suggestion that he's owed "2 yrs added to his 1st term" due to distractions caused by the Mueller investigation. Last month, Trump tweeted again to ask if the "people would demand I stay longer." And a few weeks later, Trump retweeted an absurd meme video showing him running for reelection in the year 90,000, suggesting that both the Constitution and the finite amount of energy contained within the human body do not apply to him.