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Trump just mistakenly commemorated this weekend's shooting in 'Toledo'

President Trump just got his shooting statement way, way wrong.

After two mass shootings over the weekend that left 20 people dead in El Paso, Texas, and nine dead in Dayton, Ohio, Trump surprisingly called for background checks on gun purchases. Yet in a Monday statement, he didn't mention his earlier promise of bipartisan gun reform — and named the wrong city in which the shooting took place, saying "may God bless the memory of those who perished in Toledo."

Trump wasn't the only one to get the locations of this weekend's shootings wrong. At a Sunday fundraiser, former Vice President Joe Biden brought up "the tragic events in Houston today and also Michigan the day before." Not only did the massive shootings happen in separate cities from the ones Biden mentioned, but he even got the order — first Texas, and then the midwest — wrong.