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CNN's Chris Cuomo said 'Fredo' is the 'N-word for Italians.' Donald Trump Jr. has a pretty brutal response.

Did Donald Trump Jr. just compliment New York's Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo?

On Monday night, a video of CNN anchor Chris Cuomo was posted online showing him going off on a man who apparently called him "Fredo," likening the Godfather insult to "the N-word" for Italians. The racial component of Cuomo's public explosion has gotten a lot of attention, but President Trump's son took another, more personal angle when firing this pretty lethal insult at Cuomo on Twitter.

The video shows a few men approaching Cuomo, and one apparently calling him "Fredo," which is an insult that originated in a movie 47 years ago, and not one with centuries of racial injustice behind it. Cuomo immediately got pretty angry, and he eventually escalates to tell one man he'll "throw you down these stairs like a f---ing punk."

The president himself also responded with a far less creative tweet, saying "I thought Chris was Fredo also" and invoking his usual "low ratings CNN" zinger. Here's what CNN's vice president for communications had to say. Kathryn Krawczyk