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spicing with the stars

Sean Spicer is going on Dancing with the Stars

This fall, ABC will draw the largest audience ever to witness a season of Dancing with the Stars, period!

At least, that's probably what former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer would tell you after on Wednesday being announced as a contestant on the dance competition show's upcoming season. He appeared on Good Morning America along with the rest of the recently-announced cast, with some of his fellow stars this season including Kate Flannery, Kel Mitchell, Christie Brinkley, and James Van Der Beek.

Spicer actually came close to starring on Dancing with the Stars before, evidently being asked on in 2017, but he reportedly turned the show down due to being too busy. That was pretty soon after Spicer left the White House, but his schedule has apparently cleared up since then.

Spicer won't actually be the first Trump administration official to wind up on Dancing with the Stars, with Energy Secretary Rick Perry having competed in the fall 2016 season prior to being hired by President Trump. He was eliminated after three weeks. Check out the full line-up for the next season of the show here; sadly, Melissa McCarthy is not included.