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Elizabeth Warren reportedly wants to make sure there's no competing power base within the Democratic Party if she's elected

You might have heard, but there are some tensions boiling within the Democratic Party right now, as the establishment center and progressive left wing have struggled to see eye to eye on a number of issues. Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) wants to make sure that doesn't continue if she's elected president next year.

The New York Times reports that Warren, who generally espouses progressive views that often lean a little further to the left from the mainstream Democratic Party, is working overtime to bring the party's insiders over to her side and convince them her ideas aren't too fringe to unseat President Trump in the general election.

Warren is reportedly signaling to party leaders that she has no intention of staging a "political revolution," but instead wants to inject new life into the Democratic National Committee and help the party take back the Senate and retain the House. In short, she wants them to know she's a team player.

The Times reports that Warren is also attempting to make it clear within the party that she doesn't want there to be a competing power base — that is, between moderates and progressives — if she does assume office. The senator was even one of the first Democratic candidates to sign a pledge last month promising not to create any parallel political or organizing infrastructure that would compete with the Democratic Party on a national or state level going forward. Read more at The New York Times.