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U.K. shadow chancellor accuses Boris Johnson of being a dictator

The United Kingdom has apparently not taken too kindly to Prime Minister Boris Johnson's decision to suspend Parliament.

Tens of thousands of demonstrators have thronged streets throughout the U.K, including right outside the gates of Downing Street to protest Johnson's move. People in the crowds reportedly carried banners promising to "defend democracy," waved European Union flags, and chanted "stop the coup."

Critics have accused Johnson of suspending parliament as a way to prevent MPs from trying to find a way to block a no-deal Brexit before the Oct. 31 deadline. Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell, a Labour MP, spoke at one of the rallies and labeled Johnson a dictator. "We have defeated dictators in the past in our history and we will defeat this dictator under Johnson," McDonnell said. McDonnell and Diane Abbot, the shadow home secretary, both addressed Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn's absence from the rally, ensuring the crowd that he fully supported the demonstrations.

Johnson has maintained he wants to reach an agreement with the EU, as well, but is prepared to leave the union without one. Read more at The Guardian.