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Trump picked a Twitter fight with John Legend and, oddly, Chrissy Teigen over an MSNBC criminal justice special

The good news is that the president of the United States appears to have stopped tweeting about a non-existent hurricane warning in Alabama. Instead, President Trump is retweeting photos of his eldest daughter and tweeting indignantly about an MSNBC special on criminal justice reform, apparently angry that it gives him insufficient credit for signing a reform bill that was a decade in the making. Trump was especially upset at musician John Legend and, inexplicably, his wife, Chrissy Teigen, who wasn't mentioned in the special. Legend pointed out that the real work on criminal justice reform is at the state and local level, not federal courts.

Legend responded, invoking Trump's wife, but more politely.

Teigen also responded with a series of "foul-mouthed" tweets, noting that Trump "tagged everyone but me" in his tweet.

It's possible that Trump wasn't actually spending his Sunday night watching MSNBC, though — maybe he was just scrolling through John Legend's twitter feed. Watch below. Peter Weber