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Kellyanne Conway scolds government employees who spoke with whistleblower

White House counselor Kellyanne Conway did her usual deflecting during an interview with Fox News on Thursday evening, claiming that the whistleblower complaint isn't even a blip on the radar and President Trump has absolutely nothing to worry about.

She did take umbrage to the whistleblower writing a report based on information received from other people, telling anchor Martha Maccallum that "anybody who leaks conversations that are classified or are of national security sensitivity ought not to be working in the government, whoever you are. I hope you're watching, whoever you are, because you have the public's trust and you are a public servant entrusted with top secret and confidential information."

Conway was asked multiple questions that she didn't answer, including why Rudy Giuliani is involved in the whole affair. She was, however, quick to throw mud on former Vice President Joe Biden, his son, Hunter Biden, and the anonymous whistleblower, calling their complaint "really blowhard more than whistleblower." She probably should have workshopped that one, but it's likely pretty hard to find help in the Conway household. Watch the video below. Catherine Garcia