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Trump defends abandoning Kurds because 'they didn't help us in the 2nd World War' or in 'Normandy'

To President Trump, the Kurds don't exactly deserve America's help.

Trump drew nearly universal condemnation after his Sunday night decision to withdraw U.S. troops from northern Syria and let Turkey invade the Kurdish-held area, especially considering the Kurds helped the U.S. fight ISIS in the region. But Trump doesn't quite understand why many people are calling his move a betrayal, seeing as the Kurds "didn't help us in the second World War, they didn't help us with Normandy," he said in a Wednesday press conference.

When asked about the Kurds on Wednesday, Trump cited an unnamed article that apparently pointed out the "Kurds are fighting for their land," not actually helping their allies. The U.S. also "spent tremendous amounts of money" to help the Kurds, Trump said. Trump failed to mention that this was ISIS that the Kurds were fighting, not a group that was of no threat to the U.S. Those ISIS fighters, by the way, will be headed "to Europe" if they're left unwatched by the U.S. and allowed to escape, Trump said.

Trump spun on several other topics during the press conference, suggesting that former Vice President Joe Biden would "get the electric chair" if he were a Republican and mocking Golden State Warriors' Coach Steve Kerr as a "little boy" for his response to the NBA's China controversy.