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Kanye West's Jesus Is King album gets official release date — for the 3rd time

Will the third time be the charm for Kanye West?

After blowing past two previous release dates for his new album, West announced yet another one Monday, with Jesus Is King now supposedly set to debut on Oct. 25.

As USA Today notes, Jesus Is King was originally to be released on Sept. 27, a date teased by Kim Kardashian West and confirmed by the man himself, only for Sept. 27 to arrive without any new album in sight. Kardashian West subsequently took to Instagram to announce a new date: Sept. 29, explaining the delay was due to some "few final tweaks" being made.

But the album didn't drop that day either, although West held an event previewing it, CNN notes. TMZ subsequently reported the album now had no release date and that West "keeps tweaking it."

Naturally, fans largely responded with heavy skepticism to this third release date, preparing themselves to be disappointed yet again and jokingly noting that West conveniently didn't mention Oct. 25 of what year. They've been burned plenty of times before, with West in 2018 having announced a September release date for his album Yandhi, only to delay it until November, and then delay it indefinitely.

There are reasons to believe this date is for real, though, including the fact that West himself returned to Twitter for the first time since January to announce it, that the IMAX movie Jesus Is King is set to hit theaters on Oct. 25. Either way, we'll find out soon enough whether West is actually going to follow through and whether Jesus Is King will indeed rise on the third date.