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third time's not the charm

Kanye West blows past Jesus Is King midnight release time he announced just hours before

Kanye West may consider himself the "greatest human artist of all time," but he's certainly not the most punctual.

West earlier this week announced Oct. 25 as the release date for his new album Jesus Is King, although fans were naturally skeptical. After all, he had already delayed this album not once but twice in the past month. It was originally expected to drop on Sept. 27, only for Kim Kardashian West to tell fans it was delayed until Sept. 29, a date that also came and went with no album.

These delays, TMZ reported, were because West just couldn't stop tweaking the album. Jesus Is King looked set to finally arrive on Oct. 25, though, and West tweeted on the evening of Oct. 24 that it would drop at midnight. Yet those who stayed up to listen to it were fooled thrice, as despite midnight being just a few hours after West's tweet, and despite West also publicly announcing the midnight release on Jimmy Kimmel Live Thursday, the time arrived with, you guessed it, no album yet again.

As fans flipped out and began to assume another delay of a month or more might be in the cards, West took to Twitter to explain that he's "fixing mixes," which for those keeping score at home was essentially the exact same reason for the last delay. West also promised, "We not going to sleep until this album is out!" If that's truly the case, based on West's track record, he may never sleep again.