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Toyota, GM, Chrysler back Trump in legal fight over California emissions regulations

While Honda, Ford, BMW of North America, and Volkswagen reached a deal with California regulators over the summer to make more fuel-efficient vehicles through 2025, General Motors, Toyota, Fiat Chrysler, and other automakers decided to take a different route.

On Monday, the Association of Global Automakers announced it is joining the Trump administration's litigation against California, which sets its own tailpipe emission levels under the Clean Air Act. The administration seeks to block the state from setting its own levels, and is also trying to undo Obama-era fuel standards. Association of Global Automakers President John Bozzella said the coalition doesn't necessarily agree with the White House's move, but thinks California and the federal government should reach a compromise and develop national fuel economy standards.

Honda, Ford, BMW of North America, and Volkswagen reached their deal with California after weeks of secret meetings, saying they came to an agreement because they wanted to ensure their cars are affordable and help the environment, The Washington Post reports. In the United States, the transportation sector is the largest source of greenhouse gas emissions.