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Trump impeachment hearings

Yovanovitch gets standing ovation at the end of 5-hour hearing

Marie Yovanovitch, the former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine, received a standing ovation on Friday at the conclusion of her more than five hours of testimony before the House Intelligence Committee. Republicans and Democrats alike had praised Yovanovitch's distinguished service as a diplomat during the inquiry, although President Trump's allies had additionally sought to paint the hearing as part of their opponents' "Watergate fantasies."

Trump broke with his party to personally attack Yovanovitch on Twitter, despite the fact that time and time again the congresspeople in the room noted that the former ambassador was well-respected by her colleagues, many of whom appeared in the room in support of her. After the hearing, people could be heard shouting "Masha," Yovanovitch's nickname among her friends.

Yovanovitch was unceremoniously pulled from her post in Ukraine in May after repeated verbal attacks by Trump and his personal lawyer and fixer, Rudy Giuliani, amid an effort to push Ukraine to launch investigations Trump wanted. "What I'd like to say is, while I obviously don't dispute that the president has the right to withdraw an ambassador at any time for any reason ... what I do wonder is why it was necessary to smear my reputation also?" Yovanovitch said in the course of her questioning. Watch the applause below. Jeva Lange