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21 dead in Albania after 6.4 magnitude earthquake

A deadly earthquake struck Albania in the dark, early hours on Tuesday morning at a 6.4 magnitude.

So far, 21 people are reported dead, over 600 people were injured, and many are still missing, officials said. The quake was the strongest to hit Albania in decades, according to a U.S. Geological Survey. The epicenter was located in Durres, a coastal city outside Albania's capital, Tirana. The survey also notes the economic losses are likely to fall between $100 to $1,000 million (USD).

The quake was felt in neighboring countries like Italy, Bulgaria, Bosnia and others, reported The Associated Press. Authorities wanted locals to evacuate and stay off roads to make way for emergency vehicles. The New York Times noted that everything from heavy equipment to bare hands are being used to rescue civilians from the debris.

The rubble that was once buildings and homes is now the site of rescue teams and volunteers, who are reportedly carrying stretchers as they search for victims. Other nations such as France, Greece, Italy, and Turkey have already offered their help Albania in the struggles that lie ahead, according to NPR.