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2020 iowa caucuses

More than 90 percent of Iowa caucus-goers are white, according to entrance polls

The issue of diversity, or lack there of, has been at the heart of the Democratic presidential primaries so far.

For example, there have been questions about Iowa's viability as the state that opens primary season. One of the main reasons behind that is the state's relative lack of diversity, which leads to the argument that Iowa's not representative of the rest country and holds too much influence over how subsequent primaries unfold. Monday night's caucuses in the state haven't done much to dispel at least the first part of the complaint — per ABC News, entrance polls indicate 91 percent of caucus-goers are white.

But Iowans are proud of taking the mound to start the game and don't want to give up that role. "Listen, I can't change the demographics of the state of Iowa," said Iowa Democratic Party Chair Troy Price on Friday.

He added that the caucus process promotes diversity and "elevates voices in a way that you don't see in a primary." Read more at ABC News.